Sprider Stores
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Emilio Corali


Sprider Stores is the largest Greek multinational "Value Fashion" retail chain.

The longstanding growth, careful investment planning and continuous expansion of its Greek retail network, have contributed to the establishment of Sprider Stores as one of the foremost and most identifiable retail chain providing comprehensive apparel and footwear solutions for the whole family throughout Greece.

By adopting a customer-oriented philosophy and entering into strategic commercial collaborations, always with the aim of best serving the needs of consumers by offering contemporary attire solutions at the most affordable prices available and without compromising quality, Sprider Stores has rightfully gained a particularly powerful position in the Greek market.

Being active in a fragmented market and addressing a consumer public of approximately 4 million Greek households, with a market size worth 6.75 billion Euros, Sprider Stores targets a large part of the domestic market, corresponding to 2.66 billion Euros and consisting of consumers seeking products combining affordable pricing, fashion and high quality. Today, the company holds a 4.8% market share in this sector of the market, while it aims at its manifold increase in the near future, by exploiting the untapped growth potential in the domestic market by means of the further expansion of its retail network throughout Greece.

Sprider Stores has firmly established itself in the eyes of consumers as synonymous with an impeccable look, the most affordable prices in the market and excellent personalized service, in a multi-purpose venue ideally suited to the whole family.

Sprider Stores offer contemporary fashion at the most affordable prices, within a pleasant environment characterized by contemporary aesthetics and presenting a vast choice of options for men, women and children of all ages.

Sprider Stores, both in Greece as well as abroad, consistently embody the company's philosophy, while they are housed in comfortable premises averaging about 1,400 m2 and offering more than 15,000 different types of clothing and footwear that are continuously renewed, as well as constituting places conducive to relaxation and enjoyment, thus providing consumers with a pleasant shopping experience and an additional motive for repeating their visit.

The company's overarching concern is to maintain a loyal base of satisfied customers, who will keep returning to Sprider Stores in order to make purchases that always save them time and money.

That is why all stores of the chain are uniformly arranged and present the same well-planned layout, with specially designed and signposted departments, which reinforce brand look and product range, as well as emphasizing which products are best suited to specific styles or occasions.

By offering comprehensive "Fashion for All" attire solutions serving the needs of the entire family, steadily accompanied by an extensive range of unique incentives and maintaining the most competitive price to quality ratio, Sprider Stores aims to establish itself as the leader in consumer preference in the Value fashion market. It is precisely this long term reciprocal trust relationship that constitutes the mainstay of every stage of the company's dynamic growth course, supporting it in every inauguration of a new Sprider Stores retail outlet.